Washing Instruction

Dear Customers,
Please note the following points and you will enjoy your woolen cardigan / sweater for years:

  • Do not wait too long to wash, if the sweater or jacket is too worn out, it will never contract again when it is washed in the washing machine as it was!
  • We recommend washing our products once a year, and more often if necessary, including the colorful wool jackets
  • Preferably after the season in April / May, then let it dry well for about a week and seal it airtight in a plastic bag.
  • A little tip pack a piece of nice smelling soap with it.
  • Never soak wool products
  • always use a liquid wool detergent with fat-replenishing substances
  • We recommend Sonett liquid detergent for wool, completely biodegradable, proven for years,
  • 120ml € 1.00 is enough for 3 washes, or 1 liter for € 6 is enough for 25 washes, to order. see "Wool detergent" in the menu on the left
  • Please never use shampoo or fabric softener
  • Wash cold on the wool cycle or up to a maximum of 30 degrees depending on how dirty it is
  • Briefly spin-on, do not wring out when washing by hand, spinning from the wool cycle is OK
  • Dry flat, never use the tumble dryer, with the exception of “Finish wool” see below
  • Dry in the sun only with the lining outside (left)
  • Dry cleaning is possible but can affect the colors and softness
  • Always store knitted wool products folded and not hanging

Pilling: What to do with Pilling?
  • Small nodules can easily appear on woolen clothing. This problem is called pilling. The nodules can be easily shaved off with a special wool razor / lint razor (the jumbo version).
Note for Miele tumble dryer owners:
  • In the Miele tumble dryer program “Finish wool” (4 minutes),you can pre-dry the cardigan/sweater.
  • the wool fibers are straightened so that the laundry becomes nice and fluffy again
  • then let your favorite sweater/cardigan air dry completely lying down
Source: Miele Homepage:

"Warm airing" program 20 minutes:

works great for smoky jackets, but please only air dry jackets, otherwise they could become matted

For gardeners, dog owners and other outdoor activists: it also works great to get most of the dirt out in between, please also only air dry jackets, otherwise they could become matted.

We have been using a Miele washing machine and a Miele tumble dryer for our product preparation and care for years, with consistently excellent results.

For other manufacturers of tumble dryers, try it out or not, at your own risk!